101 Creative Writing Exercises

101 Creative Writing Exercises takes you on an adventure through the world of creative writing.

Packed with fun and practical tools, techniques, and writing ideas, this book will motivate and inspire you:

  • Explore different forms and genres by writing fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.
  • Discover effective writing techniques and expand your writing skills.
  • Create writing projects that you can submit or publish.

You’ll learn a lot by simply reading through these exercises, which impart literary and storytelling devices that broaden your knowledge on the craft of writing.

Each chapter focuses on a different form or writing concept: freewriting, journaling, memoirs, fiction, form poetry, free verse, articles, blogs, plot, characters, and dialogue are all included. By experimenting with different forms and genres, you’ll become a more seasoned writer.

These exercises also offer practical and creative idea-starters for projects that you can develop and eventually publish.

Ideal for new and experienced writers alike, this collection of creative writing exercises will enlighten and inspire you. 101 Creative Writing Exercises is designed for individuals or classroom use.

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This book has made teaching creative writing a lot easier.

“I can find really well thought out assignments within these pages. Well worth the money!”

Gregory P. Der

I really love this book…

“…especially because it gives me the chance to step outside of my comfort zone. Perfect for writer’s block evenings.” 


This book has a lot of great ideas

“I’m enjoying doing the exercises every day. I recommend this for any writer. If you are just starting out and need some motivation this book is perfect for you.”


This innovative book gives me inspiration…

“…to fashion my own lessons to present to adults writing for the first time.” 

Viv (Madison, MS United States)

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If you’ve been searching for a goldmine concerning all-things-writing you need look no further.

Really, working through this book in what ever order will best serve your learning or practicing needs is certain to improve your skills. I love writing and participate in writing in one form or another almost every day. Yet, as I recently spent time working through just two different exercises as set forth in this book I learned new skills.

The author suggests that moving out of one’s comfort zone is a good way to improve skills and gain writing experience. At first I wondered why I would try something that I’ve believed would be too hard for me. My writing typically focuses on the here and now, facts and information. Yet, I took pen in hand (later went to the keyboard) and began the first exercise in the beginning section of Writing Fiction.

My first hesitant steps were soon overcome by the exhilaration I felt when I began to realize that my imagination was kicking in. I was beginning to see scenes in my mind which I could translate to paper. I was setting the scene for a fictional account which I could make “real” by continuing to follow the steps as laid out in this book.

As another part of my experiment I followed one of the prompts which was more suited to what I usually write about. Once again, I felt as if I had found gold. Ms. Donovan’s simple step by step system and suggested tactics do indeed serve to make the writing experience quite productive. With these easy to follow instructions and suggestions long time writers and beginners alike are given ways to improve their writing. Period.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who really wants to learn more about the art and science of writing.

Tonya Schulte

This book could well be used as a course study…

“…for anyone who wants to try a hand at writing or to improve writing skills. The book is broken down into several topics including freewriting, journaling, fiction, storytelling, etc. Along with each topic discussed there is an exercise to complete. Great for anyone who wants a new twist on just about every type of writing there is.”

Ann Barnes

“I was researching books to use as a resource for an online creative writing resource that I teach, and I found this one to be most helpful. If I run the class again, I am considering adopting this as the primary text.”

Joy F. Hurt

Doing the exercises in this book made me enjoy writing again.

“I am working on my first novel and ran into some serious writers block. My story was going nowhere. I hated everything I wrote. I was going to give up and quit writing forever. 101 Creative Writing Exercises helped me get over my writers’ block.

The exercises gave me inspiration for my novel. I found the character freewriting to be very helpful. I could not find my characters voice. The solution freewriting exercise was also very helpful. This helped me work out key plot issues. Instead of sitting and staring at a blank computer screen and getting nowhere, I came up with ideas when I wrote with pen and paper.

I would recommend this book to any writer who has writers block and wants to give up writing.”


I was in a slump and couldn’t think of what to write about, so I purchased 101 Creative Writing Exercises.

“I found so many ideas there that I had trouble deciding which one to try first. So, what I’m working on now is as a result of one of the exercises in this book. I now have a way to come up with new writing ideas when writer’s block sticks its ugly head into my life again.”

Elizabeth L. Westra

101 Creative Writing Exercises only pushed me further in my writing journey.

“I look back to it from time to time, whenever I’m feeling a little dull in my ideas and it is always there to spark my mind and allow my brain and heart to work together to create something magical. If you’re looking for fun, thorough and honest writing advice, this is an awesome place to start! No regrets with this purchase!” 

Rachel Chryczek

I really enjoyed 101 Creative Writing Exercises

“I read the book first and noted specific exercises that interested me. The practice work and discipline required for each activity carried over to other writing tasks including our writing group. Good for experienced or novice writers. In summary, it really is a writing coach and a lot of fun.” 

Amazon Customer

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