Story Drills: Fiction Writing Exercises

A story is constructed from many different building blocks: characters, plot, setting, theme, chapters, scenes, action, dialogue, exposition—not to mention point of view, tense, style, tone, and voice.

There’s a lot to learn. And once we learn the basics, we need practice—lots and lots of practice—before we truly master the craft.

Story Drills is packed with fundamental storytelling concepts and comprehensive writing exercises that will strengthen your skills.

You’ll learn the elements, principles, and techniques of storytelling; gain experience through writing practice; and get questions for further contemplation that will lead to a deeper understanding of the craft.

Story Drills is designed to be used by individual writers or in the classroom. Whether you’re an aspiring or intermediate storyteller, this book will bolster your ability to write compelling tales that leave readers wanting more.

The Storyteller’s Toolbox series of books helps you develop skills and strategies to tell the best stories possible while exploring your creativity and developing a storytelling process that works for you.

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